The Sugar Bite

Happiness is only a cupcake away

The cupcake pilot - selling 20,000 cupcakes to fund her dream.

Jade Esler knew at the age of 5 years old that her future belonged up in the air at the controls of an aircraft.

16-Yr-Old Becomes Australia’s Youngest Pilot. How 20,000 Cupcakes Made Her Dream Come True
An Australian teen from Canberra took a different route to most teenagers in the US. She spent the years leading up to her 16th birthday selling cupcakes for $3.50 each to pay for flying lessons

Cupcakes paid for this girl’s flight school, now she’s the youngest pilot in Australia

For young people who are enterprising enough to start businesses as children, they usually limit themselves to small affairs, such as candy or lemonade sold to neighbors and relatives. Soon they often get bored and move on to something else. However, one driven young resident of Canberra had her sights fixed much higher.

Australia's youngest pilot, 16, funds flying through cupcakes

'I can fly a plane but I can't drive a car': 16-year-old becomes Australia's youngest pilot after self-funding flying lessons with her booming CUPCAKE business

Jade Esler knows a lot about determination

Last week, on her 16th birthday, Jade became Australia’s youngest licensed pilot. After three years of lessons she can now fly solo anywhere within 25 nautical miles of an aerodrome.

This 16 year old is Australia's youngest pilot, thanks to 20,000 cupcakes

Jade Esler knows more than most about a sugar high. The 16-year-old achieved her dream this week, becoming Australia’s youngest pilot, and she got there by baking and selling around 20,000 cupcakes.

Australia's youngest pilot enjoys sweet taste of success

After 20,000 cupcakes, three years of lessons and countless trips to Cowra, Jerrabomberra teenager                                                                          Jade Esler can enjoy the sweet taste of success after becoming Australia's youngest licensed                                                                                    recreational pilot.

Scholarship Helps Jade to Soar

For her upcoming 16th birthday, Jade is aiming to get her recreational pilot licence, a stepping stone to a private pilot licence which she is eyeing for her 17th birthday.

A Flight of Fancy Cupcakes

Whenever she is asked 'What do you want to do when you grow up?', teenager Jade Esler aways answers 'I want to fly!'

Australia's youngest female pilot Jade Esler flies solo at 15

She's too young to drive a car, but Jade Esler is Australia's youngest female pilot. The year 9 student made her maiden solo flight at Fly Oz school in Cowra on her 15th birthday last week.

Young Top Gun. Australia's youngest female pilot takes her first flight

A live interview with Channel 7's Sunrise program following my first solo flight.

Queanbeyan teen's high-flying dream

Teenager Jade Esler is not your average school girl. She's a straight-A student, budding entrepreneur and working towards becoming the youngest Australian to get their pilot licence.

Women at Work: Jade Esler

It's ironic that at just 14 years of age, Jade Esler is technically not old enough to work; yet the

                                                                           ambitious Jerrabomberra resident is already a successful business owner.

Meet the busiest 13-year-old entrepreneur

Merici college Year 8 student, Jade Esler is not your average 13 year old. Instead of spending her evenings doing some homework and hanging out with friends, Jade has started her own cupcake business to fund flying lessons.

Teen Ambition

At just 13 years of age, Canberran Jade Esler is a remarkably industrious young girl, well on her way to achieving her dream of becoming the youngest person to get a pilots licence in Australia.