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Attitude, power and trim - hour 5

Posted on 4 March, 2015 at 21:35

I always forget that it’s attitude, power and then trim. I'm tending to chase the instruments rather than set and attitude and hold it with my elevators. I set the attitude and then the trim but sometimes forget about the power, which, as you can probably guess doesn’t really work! We flew some circuits this morning. It was a nice sunny day with not much wind, and if there was any wind it was straight down the runway. An almost perfect day for flying!

I grabbed the keys and headed out to PMU to do the pre-flight. I checked all the wires, the oil, the fuel, and the stall warning. All good! I ran back into the clubhouse to get my headset and sunglasses, I also let Mark know that we were all good to go. After doing the start up checks, we sent out the regular radio call and taxied over to the runway and got ready for take off. “Cowra traffic, Cherokee Papa Mike Uniform is rolling runway 30 for circuits, Cowra”. I pushed the throttle all the way up and we roared down the runway. With one eye on the airspeed indicator and the other outside to make sure I stayed on the centreline, we soared into the sky. 

Whilst my landings are getting better, especially the approaches, I still need to try and use much smaller changes to make sure I stabilise my approach to maintain the centreline more acurately. At the moment I am still having to make lots of compensations close to the ground. I need to keep my aiming point stationary in the window so that it keeps my approach consistent. That way, the runway will stay as still as possible but just get bigger as I get closer. Rudder use on final is also critical as it will keep my wings more level and add a degree of safety in case of a wing drop. 

All in all, a great day out (is there ever a bad one when flying?). I can't wait for this afternoon when I get to do it all over again!

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