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My first time in the left hand seat - hour 1

Posted on 18 December, 2014 at 0:55

Today I finally got to sit in the left-hand seat of the cockpit and fly a plane! My instructor for today was Lyn Gray, chief instructor for Fly Oz, Cowra, and also the person who taught my dad to fly 11 years ago!

With a mix of excitement and nerves I grabbed my headset and headed towards the plane (Piper Cherokee UQM). First up Lyn showed me how to do a walk around, including how to check the fuel, the oil, the spark plugs and so on. We then hopped into the cock pit and she showed me how to do all of the start up checks. This involved tuning the radio to the Aerodrome Weather Information Services (AWIS) station (133.625), and making sure both magnetos were equal in RPM drop. We then taxied over to the runway, where Lyn made the radio calls on my behalf. Lyn mentioned that I picked up taxiing quickly - probably because I've never driven a car and so didn't have the instinct to use the control column like most others. My age was actually helping me!

Lyn talked me through and helped me with my first take off, which was both exciting and scary but also easier than I expected (not that I knew much at this stage, so still had a lot to learn!). And then we were airborne - I'd done it! I never expected to be doing this at 13 and was instantly hooked! 

We headed over to the Cowra training area where the focus of the lesson was on the effects of controls. Essentially I spent the hour moving the various controls in different ways to see the effects they had on the movement of the plane. As I did so, Lyn talked me through how moving the inside parts impact upon the various outside parts of the plane, such as how the left aileron lifts up and the right aileron goes down when you turn the control column left. 

The weather was perfect for flying and the view out over Cowra was beautiful. I was amazed at how at peace I felt looking out at the different coloured fields. It was better than I could have imagined, and I knew then that flying was something I just had to continue with!

Before I knew it we were heading back to the airport. As it was my first lesson Lyn landed the plane, with me ghosting so I could feel everything that she did. I was in awe at how easily she did it and hoped that one day I could land a plane as well as her.

And with that, I had my first log book entry!

Jade 8)

Instructor: Lyn Gray

Location: Fly Oz, Cowra

Categories: Flying lessons and circuits

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