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How it all began

Posted on 20 November, 2014 at 15:50

When I was 13 months old, my dad returned from a Naval deployment to the Gulf and, with the extra allowances he earnt, he set out to achieve his lifelong dream of becoming a pilot. Over the next 3 months I spent most weekends watching the planes (and learning to walk unassisted) in the hanger of Clamback and Hennesy at Bankstown airport.

Finally, dad got his licence and the fun began! Strapped into my car seat in the back of the plane, with earplugs instead of headphones, I went for my first flight in a Piper Cherokee. Most weekends thereafter, our Sundays were spent flying somewhere from Bankstown - my mum's favourite trips were up to the Hunter Valley or the scenic Sydney route. When I was two we went on a flyaway to Coffs Harbour. This remains the furtherest I've flown in a single engine plane - but hopefully not for too much longer.

When I was two I got my first set of headphones, and at five I insisted on sitting in the front of the plane, with poor mum delegated to the back seat with my younger brother (who was two and now sitting in the car seat). My parents thought it was just for that flight, but I've never once returned to the back seat! I still remember the first time dad let me hold the controls - I loved it then and I love it now. 

I've also been lucky enough to have lived overseas for 6 years of my life - 3 years in Asia and 3 in Tonga. Unfortunately during these times dad wasn't able to fly very much, but we compensated by flying all over the world on commercial flights. I've spent a LOT of time in airports and on planes and always considered these to be the best part of the holiday. I decided at a very early age that I would be an International Commercial Pilot - I still find it hard to believe that a job exists where you're paid to fly and travel!


In August 2014, my mum was at a market where there was a cupcake stand. She called me to tell me about it and suggested that I could do something similar, as I've always loved to cook and bake. The following month I did just that - I booked a market stall and baked 150 cupcakes. Feeling very excited, and a little nervous, we headed off to set up my first stall. Unfortunately things didn't go quite as planned and the market owners wouldn't let me sell my cupcakes there as "they had an exclusive arrangement" with another cupcake provider - using the excuse that she had food handling qualifications. I was devastated, but thankfully I managed to sell all of my cupcakes to friends of mums by putting out a post on Facebook. So instead of selling at the market stall, we spent the morning driving around canberra delivering the cupcakes to family friends, who I'm sure were buying out of pity (but hopefully subsequently loved them!). I'm still very grateful to everyone that bought that day!

The following month I tried again, but this time at a different market - the Fash and Treasure Markets at EPIC. Having learnt my lesson from last time, I first contacted them to check that I could sell the cupcakes there, and thankfully they agreed. So, this time I set off with a little more confidence, but was still a bit nervous given my first experience. I need not have worried. Cathie and Steve, the owners of the market were incredibly impressed with my cupcakes, and my age, and said I could sell at every single one of their markets going forward - and I have! I'm now the one with the "exclusive arrangement" and all of the food handling qualifications! 

I was amazed at how much money I made from that first stall, and quickly realised it was enough to pay for my first flying lesson! And so it began.....

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Reply Rosemary Arnold
2:09 on 18 June, 2016 
Jade, I can't believe that our paths must have crossed many times at Bankstown in the hangar where you took your first steps. I was there often, flying with Lyn Gray and enjoying the Sunday BBQs. You have chosen your "guide" on your aviation path extremely well. Lyn is the best of people. Bless you real good. Hope we meet soon.
Reply Belinda Esler
20:36 on 21 April, 2015 
This brought tears to my eyes. There was never any doubt that you'd fly - but I didn't expect you to be doing so at 13, and be self-funding it. I'm incredibly proud of you!