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Flight radio for pilots exam

Posted on 21 April, 2015 at 1:55

Today I completed my flight radio operator exam. The original plan was to fly circuits, but there was no way the weather conditions were going to allow for that. I turned up to Cowra airport only to be greeted with rain, low cloud, hardly any visibility and a 25knt crosswind on the ground (getting up to 50knts at around 5,000ft). Not the greatest of flying conditions! Since there was no arguing on whether I could fly or not, it was agreed we would have a day of groundschool. Not nearly as much fun, but just as important. 

Since I had read over the flight radio textbook a little, I agreed to completing the exam. Christian, the newest instructor to join the Fly Oz team, took me through the powerpoints. We covered everything from emergency operations without radio, to the way the ionosphere absorbs radio waves during the day but refracts them during the night. He explained everything and answered any questions I had in detail. Thankfully, being the daughter of a Naval Officer (and private pilot) I didn't need to worry about 24 hour time or the phonetic alphabet, as dad taught me these at a very young age (most kids play spotto on long car trips, but we played 'say the car numberplate using the phonetic alphabet'). 

After we had covered everything Christian left me alone to sit the test. After about 30 minutes of circling answers, checking the ERSA, reading off previously taken notes and wondering whether you would use the right or left runway at Bankstown if you were flying blind, I finally checked through my test and handed it in.  A few minutes later I left with a smile on my face, an exam pass written in my logbook and a score of 30 out of 33 (around 90%). Not much could bring my mood down considering I hadn't planned on completing an exam today and consequently hadn't really studied at all. 

Hopefully the conditions will improve tonight and I can go up tomorrow. 

Fly Oz, Cowra - 20/04/15                    

Jade Esler:)

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