The Sugar Bite

Happiness is only a cupcake away


I am constantly adding & trying new flavours. Currently they include: vanilla, salted caramel, death by chocolate, mocha, nutella, red velvet,

peanut butter cup, choc mint, jaffa, death by white chocolate, bounty bar, marvellous creations, bubblegum, cookies & cream, lemon curd, cappuccino, caramello, gingerbread, strawberries & cream, rosewater, choc chilli, maltesser,  raspberry & white chocolate, chocolate sundae, cinnamon doughnut, fairy floss and top deck.  


Individual cupcakes sell for $4.00 each at markets. The minimum catering order is two dozen, with at least 1 dozen per flavour.  For mini cupcakes, the minimum order is four dozen. Regular cupcakes are priced at $4 for the first two dozen, and then $3 per cupcake after the first two dozen. Mini cupcakes are priced at $2 each. For specialised or corporate orders please contact me for a quote.

 Press Coverage

The Sugar Bite has been interviewed by the 'Sunrise' program, Today Tonight, ABC Me, and featured on ABC Radio.  Articles about The Sugar Bite have appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald, The Canberra Times, The Daily Mail, HerCanberraThe Queanbeyan Age Canberra WeeklyThe Sydney Morning Herald, Claire's, The Braidwood Times, The Goulburn Post, The Age, EPOCH Times, WA, Town & Country Magazine, Australian Aviator Magazine, as well as on several aviation websites including and Aviation eBrief.

Happiness is only a cupcake away